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Small Space – Big Idea



Rural Manitoba


At only 7’x 8’, this young dude’s room is itty-bitty in size, but big with innovative ideas. Given the propensity for larger, grander spaces today, it’s easy to overlook the opportunities that exist within a smaller space. The small space packs a big punch with comfortable sleeping, playing, entertainment and storage areas all efficiently packed into the modest 56 square foot room. It just goes to show that sometimes less really is more!

Small Space – Big IdeaSmall Space – Big Idea

Our Part

Envy tackled this room from start to finish. Off the rack pieces were modified into a custom, tricked- out wall-to-wall bed/display-unit that offers a place for everything, and keeps everything in its place. Bold stripes were painted to make the room feel taller and some stripes even serve a purpose; white stripes are magnetic, navy stripes are chalkboard and one gray stripe is actually made of Lego platforms screwed to the wall – all taking playtime onto a vertical plane. The ceiling above the bed is utilized to display art, posters and framed old t-shirts that couldn’t be parted with, making the ceiling a mini gallery.

Small Space – Big Idea

The Who and the Where and What They Said

This young fella told his mama “I don’t like my room. I LOVE it!” We are sure the disciplinary measure of sending one’s child to their room has lost all its affect in this rural house-hold located just minutes from Winnipeg...but we’re sure our seven-year-old client, Nigel, is never causing mischief at home...we doubt he ever leaves his room!

Small Space – Big IdeaSmall Space – Big IdeaSmall Space – Big Idea

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