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Popcorn Ceiling Prohibition

15 October, 2019 |

Five Steps To Prepare For Your Design Consultation

02 October, 2019 |

It’s difficult to know exactly how to communicate what it is you want out of your space, that’s why we’ve put together a list that will help you maximize your time and your space.

Tips & Tricks: Painting Edition

17 September, 2019 |

Painting, depending on the scale of your project, can be an intimidating task; any small thing to help lighten the load can feel like a god-sent, whether it’s as simple as an easier clean-up or a savvy shortcut to bring on the savings.

(Gender) Neutrals for the Nursery

11 September, 2019 |

There are loads of awww-inducing colour combinations that will serve nobly as a palette for your newborn to spend its first years of life. Opting for a gender-neutral paint colour does not necessarily mean an abandonment of all things pink and blue; it means you are leaving room for versatility, creativity, and personality.

Design Dictionary

28 August, 2019 |

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused by the seemingly infinite array of interior design’s latest and greatest style categories, but we’re here to help set the record straight so you can navigate between “shabby chic” and “mid-century modern” proficiently.

How Much Paint Do I Need?

21 August, 2019 |

Save yourself time and a panic attack by taking the guess work out of your paint requirements. Use a calculator like the one in this blog post; it’s as simple as measuring the dimensions of the room being painted to find the surface area!

Colour Theory: Pink

20 June, 2019 |

Pink is a shade with many connotations, providing its own distinct mood and atmosphere wherever it finds itself. We associate soft pinks with sweetness and femininity. In general, it’s an overwhelmingly positive colour, evoking feelings of affection and serenity.

Bee The Change

22 May, 2019 |

With the threat of environmental crisis, many industries are taking action against climate change. As members of a design industry, we feel the need to use what the earth provides us for inspiration, materials, and colour palettes to honour the best designer: Mother Nature. 

Project Blog #2: Eleanor Lake Escape

17 May, 2019 |

When it came time for Jack Winters to say good bye and rebuild his family’s cottage in Eleanor Lake, now falling apart after three-generations of use, Jack knew he wanted to recapture the essence of the cabin first erected by his grandfather back in 1956.

Tending to the Trend: Terrazzo!

03 May, 2019 |

Terrazzo has boomed in popularity, dominating our feeds from Pinterest to Houzz, and covering surfaces from flooring to lampshades. This trend’s resurgence in its original form (flooring & countertops) can be partially attributed to its sustainability.