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Bamboobik’s Cube

Dolores and Perry




Cubes stacked in various configurations along the perimeter walls make up the upper portion of this kitchen’s site lines. The unexpected shape brings a unique and modern feel to the sleek but warm kitchen. Stainless steel combined with bamboo, recycled glass, shiny quartz and honed granite are a delicious recipe for a fabulous family kitchen.

Bamboobik’s CubeBamboobik’s Cube

Our Part

Despite detailed plans that included all of her 'wish list' items, the initial attempts to design Delores' new space didn't feel quite right. She then turned to Bahia Taylor of Envy Paint and Design to cook up a plan for her new kitchen. Taking all of the homeowners' wants into consideration and adding some clever components of her own, Bahia put together a new plan for a complete remodel of the space from floors to flowers on the table.

Bamboobik’s CubeBamboobik’s Cube

The Who and the Where and What They Said

Inspiration struck at the 2011 Home Expressions Show for homeowners Dolores and Perry Teichroew when Delores fell for the look of bamboo kitchen cabinetry and decided that, after moving into their small-town bungalow twenty years ago, the time had finally arrived to install the kitchen of her dreams. She says, “Every time I walk into the kitchen, I fall in love all over again - I’m so happy I did this!”

Bamboobik’s CubeBamboobik’s CubeBamboobik’s CubeBamboobik’s Cube

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