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Peyton’s Place



Stony Mountain


Rustic features like rough wood paneling, tongue and groove ceilings and exposed beams don’t exactly bring to mind a pretty bedroom for a little girl, but there’s no mistaking that this room belongs to an adorable little sweetheart. A mix of rough-hewn woods and handcrafted bone structure, just the right amount of sugar and spice, playful patterns and a splash of delicate.

Peyton’s PlacePeyton’s Place

Our Part

The aim was to lighten up the room and make it youthful, while maintaining the inherent qualities of the family’s log home. The team at Envy Paint and Design Ltd. brought together the colour scheme for the room and coordinated the use of more than eight different fabric patterns. New window treatments and recovering and refinishing Grandad’s chair were put in our charge and we weighed in on the area rug selection as well to bring together what is now a bucolic haven for a young lady.

Peyton’s Place

The Who and the Where and What They Said

This second story room of a stunning log home in rural Stony Mountain belongs to three-year-old Payton. Payton’s mom, Erin, says of the process, “Envy helped a lot with fabric selection. It was a bit overwhelming. I knew generally what I wanted but I needed to narrow it down. (They) helped with coordinating colours and bringing in patterns.”

Peyton’s PlacePeyton’s PlacePeyton’s PlacePeyton’s PlacePeyton’s PlacePeyton’s Place

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