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St. Adolphe


A lovely swimming pool, lounge areas, a dining area, a deck and a sunroom comprise the backyard, and use every inch of space to its fullest. Every blade of grass was eradicated in the process, leaving the area low on bugs of the biting kind, as well as on maintenance of the mowing variety.

Into the BlueInto the Blue

Our Part

Envy took this space from dig to splash! The space was planned to be very rectilinear. The pool is rectangular with no swoops or curves. The concrete pad around it, the deck, the patio and rock landings all take on the same rectangular shape. Rippling water softens the clean lines, as do the pretty plantings that spill out of raised beds and pots dotted around the perimeter of the yard. The detached family garage was converted to a pool room that opens onto the pool...the only thing we couldn’t supply was the cabana boy!

Into the BlueInto the Blue

The Who and the Where and What They Said

The entire family uses the space constantly: it is absolutely utilized as an extension of the house. This oasis is located just outside city limits in lovely St. Adolphe, Mb. Bahia and her husband Jim agree, “Finishing the yard has truly doubled our space for the summer. We can entertain comfortably now; our small home has not been conducive to large gatherings. It's wonderful. We just wonder why we didn't do it sooner!”

Into the Blue

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