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Escape to EleanorEscape to Eleanor



Eleanor Lake


A new cottage built upon old memories and the Canadian Shield makes for a wonderful weekend getaway, year round. The family has summered on this site for three decades and it was time to tear down the original structure to make way for a safer and more efficient place that could be enjoyed for decades to come. A comfortable, charming, cozy space reminiscent of times gone by is the new foundation for the future.

Our Part

The clients had worked with Bahia on their city home previously and naturally turned to her again when it came time to tackle the interior of the cottage. Brought into the fold at the planning stage meant all the interior details beyond the blueprint and mechanics were left to her ; from floors and walls to furnishings and accessories the entire home came together under her expertise. Taking heirloom pieces and mixing them with new lends character to space like nothing else can – each room holds memories and pieces that tell a story. The headboards in the bedrooms are the doors from the old cabin, the antique door knobs rest in a decorative bowl, the dining table was built for the old cabin in 1956 and still has pride of place in the new dwelling. Old dressers and chairs mix seamlessly with new pieces to bring a casual and beachy feel to the entire space.

The Who and the Where and What They Said

This dream retreat sits on Eleanor Lake, one of over 200 lakes found in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. The clients absolutely love it and the Envy team is currently planning the addition of a gorgeous front porch and sunroom area as well as working on their basement in the city! Stay tuned for the results!

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