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A lot of the time, a successful project is determined by the existence of a successful plan. When you take the time to sit down, plot out needed materials, and visualize the steps that need to be taken, you’re far more likely to execute your project in a timely manner. One simple step that people often look over in the planning process is calculating the amount of paint needed for a specific job. 


Do you ever find yourself hitting the bottom of the paint can before you’re finished your job? Or perhaps you’ve made the dreaded last-minute trip back to the paint store (if you’re anything like us, likely with splatter on your clothes and paint in your hair) to restock before, and have now vowed to always over-estimate and buy more than you need. The guessing game isn’t ideal for your time or your wallet, but thankfully there’s a better way to ensure you purchase just the right amount of paint for the task at hand. 


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