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Kahlo wouldn’t have her first solo exhibition until 1953, just a year before her death, and during her lifetime, she was mostly known as the wife of a celebrated artist, Diego Rivera. Kahlo’s marriage was tumultuous and toxic, and eventually ended in a year-long divorce. But it was during this period of separation that Kahlo really found herself as an artist, channeling her emotions into creating provocative and profound self-portraits containing the tensions present in the colonized subject. Posthumously, her work gained traction and became synonymous with any discussion of female art. She is known as an icon for the feminist and LGBTQ movements. Her face is often used as a symbol for female empowerment, despite her never receiving full recognition for her craft in her lifetime.


At Envy, we place a high value on artistic contributions, especially those that have been instrumental in depicting alternative experiences and widening the scope of representation. Now you can bring the woman, the icon, and the artist into your home with the new Frida Kahlo throw. The intricately detailed throw takes up Kahlo’s expressive stylistics and incorporates the indigenous influences present throughout Kahlo’s work. Perfect as a decorative touch or as a blanket for a cozy night in.

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