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His unique musical style, famous for its otherworldly sonic feel, transformed the category of popular music altogether. He was meticulous in his craft and dedicated to his individuality, determined to create new sonic experiences rather than merely repeating already established trends and tropes in the music industry. His sound incorporated elements of folk, musical theater, blues, and psychedelic rock with a calculated concern for how these genres operated within and against rock sensibility. He performed these dramatic stylistic shifts through a fluid or androgynous performative style. This transgressive mode of performance, specifically his subversion of gender norms, paved the way for a more fluid understanding of gender and sexuality. His contributions to the LGBQT community are widely acknowledged, especially after coming out publically as bisexual in a 1976 Playboy article. He was no doubt ahead of his time, but as Bowie once said “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming”—and Bowie definitely heard it coming.


Bowie was a pusher of boundaries at his core, and he revealed the pleasure inherent in deviating from the norm. He encouraged us all to “turn and face the strange” and showed us the creative potential embedded within it. Last year, our world mourned the loss of an icon. A true “hero” who revolutionized the culture industry and forged the way for a more authentic mode of artistic expression.


With the holidays quickly approaching and Bowie’s influence still packing its punch, Envy thought that these adorable Bowie ornaments would be the perfect gift for the die-hard Bowie fan in your life (although, there is usually more than one!).


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