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People have been theorizing about colour for over 500 years; Leonardo Di Vinci was among the first to begin thinking critically about colour and the way human beings interact with it. His scrolls, along with the writings of Leone Barrista Alberti’s, marked the genesis of the progression of this school of thought. In the 1800s, the three primary colours were identified as the fundamental sensory qualities that can be blended to create the perception of secondary colours.



Shortly after, Isaac Newton invented the colour wheel, which is often still used today to describe complimentary colours (colours opposite to one another on the wheel), and posited that these contrasting shades would cancel one another out. This eventually led to preliminary investigations into colour psychology to answer the question of why certain shades and combinations implicitly generate an emotional response, and how we as a species have come to identify certain feelings and phenomena with particular shades.



The contributions to colour theory have significantly improved our ability to cultivate pleasing aesthetics and produce dynamic and appealing colour combinations, and, as a paint store, we consider ourselves to be champions of this practice. Looking more critically and thoughtfully at the colours we choose to incorporate into our homes can help cultivate a more cohesive, organic, and harmonious space.



We’re looking at colour families and celebrating the ways in which even the slightest of variations in shade or tone can implicitly impact our perceptions, moods, and behaviours. Each shade tells its own story and leaves its own unique impression. In the spirit of all the sunlight we’re receiving this week, we’re starting with bright and beautiful YELLOW.



Yellow is the unsung hero of Spring: when winter breaks and the golden hues of sunshine come peering in, we know it is time to wave goodbye to winter (FINALLY) and usher in a new season filled with fresh beginnings, clean slates, and bright futures. As the colour of optimism and hope; yellow hues foster creativity and improves over-all mood. These energetic shades will have your spring cleaning feeling like a breeze and your house feeling warm and happy.


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