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A. a penguin with a sun burn
B. a panda eating strawberries
C. a gorgeous living room we are currently working on
D. all of the above

It happens all the time. You start off looking to modernize or update your space, and after purchasing a few key pieces you suddenly arrive at a road block. Will this fit? Did I make the right choice? What do I need now? After purchasing a new white sofa, a hounds-tooth round snuggle chair and an area carpet our lovely clients S and D found themselves at that aforementioned road block. On a Saturday afternoon they wandered into our shop, and after a bit of browsing and discussion booked a one hour “brain picking session” with Kassia to come up with some paint colours and design advice. Once they had her out to their home to see their space and dole out her expertise they determined they wanted her around for the long haul. Over the past little while they have been slowly putting Kassia’s stellar ideas into motion…check out the new floor plan and all the goodies that these folks are purchasing for their stunning new space!!

What’s Black and White and Red All Over?

What’s Black and White and Red All Over?

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